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“Be who you are and be it well.” – St. Francis de Sales

I learned that wonderful truism from my daughter, affirmation that normally our children are much smarter than we — that is, if we give them the opportunity.

Contemporary author-cum-philosopher Dov Seidman argues that to accomplish our goals we must have consistent values and inspire people with freedom, not regulate their behaviors.

Such tenets are at the heart of education reform, which in its intended form seeks to empower parents with choice, teachers with professional freedom and schools with flexibility to address the needs of their communities. Add a scaffolding of standards, substantive assessments and information for consumers and you have a recipe for educational excellence.

For the past 25 years I have advocated and agitated for policies at the state and national level to achieve precisely that and witnessed the extraordinary power of people who, armed with great ideas and support, can indeed accomplish anything they set out to do. Those lessons are the basis for the work to which I am dedicated, a glimpse of which you will find on this site.

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Jeanne Allen and, the Center for Education Reform both have been incredible resources both on a personal and a policy level. Jeanne and CER was involved in the education reform movement in our country before it was cool...–Jeb Bush, Former Governor of Florida and respected education thought leader

You don't do what's easy, you don't do what's comfortable; you simply do what is right.–Joel Klein

I just wanted to again THANK YOU. Because of your efforts on our behalf we have reached our first goal of $500,000 by the end of this month. You know of course you will now have to come visit us during the next school year.–Howard Fuller

My mind is racing with ideas and I look forward to developing a plan moving forward and the opportunities that we'll unearth. Thanks guys!–Charter management executive