Speeches & Seminars

A dynamic public speaker who is well-versed in the issues, Jeanne can comfortably motivate and engage a variety of audiences, from business people to policymakers to parents.  She is frequently called upon for small and large audiences alike, and can facilitate, moderate or keynote any event, personalizing it uniquely to the situation and the organization. You won’t get boilerplate with Jeanne and you’ll earn accolades for finding a unique, compelling speaker.

Areas of Expertise

  • School Choice
  • Teacher Tenure
  • Charter Schools
  • Education Reform
  • Standards and Common Core


Most Popular Speech Topics

  • Politics and Policy – Having worked with four presidential Administrations, dozens of governors and hundreds of policymakers, Jeanne can help your audience understand today’s complicated political environment, provide instructive and interesting first-hand stories and leave participants excited for the opportunity to engage further. (See In the News for examples.)
  • Educational Choice & Freedom – The United States is a beacon of hope for other nations and a safe-haven for the millions who, like Jeanne’s father, came her from another country to live the American dream.  In every other walk of life besides education, freedom is a given. What is educational choice and how is a national movement working to advance this eminently American ideal. What does your group need to know – Jeanne will help you devise a strategy to get you there.
  • Controversy, anyone? –  Jeanne is a skilled debater and no education or cultural subject is too difficult for her to tackle. From teachers unions to national standards, Jeanne has facts and opinions, and experiences that will leave your organization wondering why they’d never heard any of this before.
  • Leadership – Much of the work Jeanne has done in her 25-year career has been in painstakingly leading people to understand and adopt new ways of looking at things, at issues, at how everyone in an organization, no matter who they are, can play a role in advancing their cause.  She’s a natural born leader and has been involved in growing new leaders for social change, as well as having studied leadership. She has recognized that leadership is a life long process and her observations as well as mistakes can become your lessons, too.