Jeanne Allen and, the Center for Education Reform both have been incredible resources both on a personal and a policy level. Jeanne and CER was involved in the education reform movement in our country before it was cool…
‐Jeb Bush, Former Governor of Florida and respected education thought leader

You don’t do what’s easy, you don’t do what’s comfortable; you simply do what is right.
‐Joel Klein

Great job today as usual. Your great report and quick, compact and credible comments were very telling. The reception of the board and senior staff was very favorable.
‐Tom Boysen, Sr.

I just wanted to again THANK YOU. Because of your efforts on our behalf we have reached our first goal of $500,000 by the end of this month. You know of course you will now have to come visit us during the next school year.
‐Howard Fuller

Thank you for speaking with Ryan Fellows, the Partner Principals and the teacher leaders earlier this month at our Summer Institute. Your insights, candor, and stories were of great value to all the aspiring leaders. Your talk helped them see the larger context of their work. You were amazing – so spot on! The fellows were talking about their night with you all day [the next day]. Thank you so very much!
‐Robert Birdsell

Your speech was dynamic, exceptionally delivered…
‐Suzanne Carter

My mind is racing with ideas and I look forward to developing a plan moving forward and the opportunities that we’ll unearth. Thanks guys!
‐Charter management executive

I wanted to thank you personally for your hard work over the last 20 years on behalf of America’s children. Without the courage from individuals like yourself, I cringe at where we might still be on this journey to turn things around in public education. The battle is not over to provide every parent in America more than one quality choice and I hope you will not go far in supporting this effort.
‐Grassroots leader