The Why

Following my founding and leadership of the Center for Education Reform for 20 years, I joined the Ed Tech world, delved into academia to learn more about education entrepreneurship and advanced the cause of education reform at CER as a mentor, teacher and researcher. My legacy project Education Reform University is rooted in the belief that the history of education reform should be required study for those who choose to engage today. Fortunately, there are scores of people who are hungry to learn history’s lessons and how to put them to work to accomplish critical needs today. To that end, I’m happy to share my thoughts and my experiences writing in numerous venues, including here, and in advising and supporting numerous organizations throughout the country in forwarding their goals to expand quality education for our young students. With four young adult kids of my own, I am no stranger to their educational interests and needs as well. My work has taken me full circle back to higher education, as well, where I originally began, when I became the youngest political appointee to serve at the pleasure of the president, Ronald Reagan, at the US Department of Education. At the time, I had no idea how many issues surrounded the accreditation of postsecondary institutions. Nor would I have been able to predict how the austere financial aid policies we proposed, aimed at encouraging responsible and productive borrowing and limiting enormous tuition increases, would fail to gain ground, putting at serious peril our students of higher learning some 30 years later! That’s why I’m thrilled to have helped to launch The Modern States Education Alliance, which provides a new pathway for college access enabling students to earn their Freshman Year for Free!

I am often asked to share in a much broader way the experiences I have gained over the years. Navigating the landscape of time and talents available to those who need help in starting, improving or expanding their work and efforts can be daunting. I am dedicated to ensuring that our nation’s school children have access to every available asset we have in our great American arsenal, no matter what the challenges are in getting there.  Let’s work together. Please feel free to call on me and stay in touch –

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