Recommendations on the GOP Presidential Debate

In the hands of some very seasoned campaign advisors, most presidential candidates take a safe approach to debates. With a relatively short time to get your talking points out, numerous issues to cover and lots of competitors working hard to hog the stage, they are advised to stay focused. But the measure of a candidate is what they do – and say – when programming is impossible. Who these people are and how they’d do as our president is best measured by dealing with issues that every one of us can relate to, the most communal of issues. That’s why I’m hoping that the candidates find opportunities across every issue ...

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Time to Put the Candidates to the Test

From Newsweek, 2008

In this primary season, one major issue has been all but missing in action: education. Most experts agree that No Child Left Behind, President Bush’s plan for closing the achievement gap between rich and poor kids, is a noble effort. But it has serious downsides. It punishes struggling schools, turns classes into test-prep factories and has caused some states to lower, not raise, standards. How will the next president fix it? NEWSWEEK asked two experts, the Education Sector’s Thomas Toch and Jeanne Allen, chief of the Center for Education Reform, to evaluate each candidate’s plan. Then we assigned grades.

The Stance : She has Bill bashing ...

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